Inžinier stavby lodí (ID 5142)

Odvetvie: 30 - Výroba ostatných dopravných prostriedkov

Počet voľných prac. miest: 1
Dátum pridania ponuky:07.04.2017
Termín nástupu: Ihneď

Krajina: NL - Holandsko

Druh pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok
Trvanie pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na dobu určitú
Ponúkaná mzda: 3800.00 EUR
Pozícia vhodná pre absolventa: nie

Popis pracovného miesta

The function aims to achieve the required quantitative and qualitative output of the project in accordance with the requirements and standards of the organization and the customer specifications. Generation of information packages for the shipbuilding, outfitting and paint production departments as well as for the purchasing department within the pré-defined requirements and conditions.
The information package mainly consists of CAD drawings, either initially designed in 3D (Catia V5 or Rhino 5) or 2D (AutoCAD 2015). - Starting point is the basic naval architect design package. Together with your engineering and production colleagues, you convert this package into detailed structural and outfitting drawings, weight calculations, CNC preparation and material requests orders.
Key element in the entire process is to manage the information flows; means taking care that information necessary to be integrated in your project is there in time, but also available for other departments. Due to the short leading times of our projects, this means every day attention and good flexible, problem identifying & solving and stress resistant skills. A constant switch between a very focussed/detailed and company-wide helicopter view is very important.
Supervising your project engineering team and ensuring optimal deployment and availability of required skills and resources. - This process starts with making a detailed project work schedule including relating hour budgets, which has to be weekly monitored and reported. The main budget is already determined. - In consultation with your colleague shipbuilding engineering project leaders, you assign work tasks (and budget hours) to your own team and monitor their progress.


HTS (institute of technology) Shipbuilding or HTS education level in combination with relevant work experience. AutoCAD, Rhino and of course, thorough knowledge of computers. Written and spoken English. Proven experience in shipbuilding (main and detailed) engineering, supervising, budget control.

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Druh pracovného pomeru

Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok


anglický - B2 Samostatný používateľ

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Holandsko 5142