Pracovník v logistike (ID 5160)

Odvetvie: 47 - Maloobchod okrem motorových vozidiel a motocyklov

Počet voľných prac. miest: 1
Dátum pridania ponuky:07.04.2017
Termín nástupu: Ihneď

Krajina: NL - Holandsko

Druh pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok
Trvanie pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na dobu určitú
Ponúkaná mzda: 0.00 EUR
Poznámka ku mzde: dohodou po kontakte so zamestnávateľom
Pozícia vhodná pre absolventa: nie

Popis pracovného miesta

Allroud Logistics Operator with reach / heftruck Edco • The picking of goods using a Combi / reach truck or a KMS • The achievement of the set performance • Handling of goods, namely; • Received • Unloading; • Check; • Save; • Collect orders; • Orders make shipping; • Loading of orders • (Which of the above tasks should be carried out specifically, depending on the [sub] department to which the employee is employed Logistics). • Other activities with are required in the warehouse
We care about your interests EDCO carries a large number of product lines under its own brand. Every brand has a distinct and well-designed packaging line. We deliver private-label products to a number of our customers. Renowned A-brands such as Grundig, Kinzo, Penn, Duracell, Telefunken, Snoke and All Ride are also part of our assortment. Because of our many and diverse product lines, we can offer a wide range of items. EDCO is constantly searching for new product ideas and concepts.


Secondary School Professional experience: • Reach or heftruck certificate • Proven logistics experience with a reachtruck or heftruck (minimum 3-6 months); • Language skills: minimal English B1; • No Criminal record ; • LBO work and thinking level; • Basic computer knowledge; • Basic dangerous goods knowledge; • Willingness to work in AC / shifts; Language knowledge Language Level 1. English 1. B1 – communicative Entitlements/Certificates/Licenses (i.e. driving license, etc.) • Driving license cat. B • Reach or heftruck certificate

Zamestnávateľ ponúka

Gross salary (19 years) € 6.09 per hour Gross salary (20 years) € 6.46 per hour Gross salary (21 years) € 7.20 per hour Gross salary (22 years) € 8.45 per hour Gross salary (23 years and older) € 9.81 Per hour
Bonuses: Days Hours Allowance Mon / Fri 00:00 to 06:00 50% 06:00 - 21:00 NO SURCHARGE 21:00 - 24.00 25% Saturday 00:00 - 17:00 50% 17:00 - 24.00 100% Sunday 00:00 - 24.00 100% •
First salary: when somebody starts his job on Monday, will get salary next week on Thursday. • Next salaries: Money are paid every week on Thursday. • The candidate needs to have own bank account. Deposit: at the beginning of work the workers has to pay deposits for items such as badge and the keys to the Sherpa. Depending on the client, the candidates can receive additional keys or badge from the company, where they will work, for that will be also collected deposits in the amount of 10 euros per item. It will be taken from their salaries and paid back after giving it back. Youth salary: 23 lata > 100% 22 lata 88% (podwyzka 3%) 21 lata 75% 20 lata 70% 19 lata 66% 18 lata 64% Accommodation – 89,5 € brutto /week Insurance – 22,40 € / week

Druh pracovného pomeru

Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok


anglický - B1 Samostatný používateľ

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stredná škola

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V prípade záujmu pošlite svoj životopis v anglickom jazyku na adresu: zuzana.kubovicova@upsvr.gov.sk a v predmete správy uveďte: Pracovník v logistike - 5160

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Holandsko 5160