Laminátor (ID 5201)

Odvetvie: 30 - Výroba ostatných dopravných prostriedkov

Počet voľných prac. miest: 1
Dátum pridania ponuky:10.04.2017
Termín nástupu: Ihneď

Krajina: NL - Holandsko

Druh pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok
Trvanie pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na dobu určitú
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Poznámka ku mzde: dohodou po kontakte so zamestnávateľom
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Popis pracovného miesta

The laminating and boat building functions are central to creating the high specification structure and components of our racing and cruising yachts. The Company is able to construct the yachts from complex designs. These roles require a high level of accuracy in the preparation and construction of plugs and patterns, setting out and construction from detailed offsets, mixing the resins, familiarisation of different materials, density of foams and resin types. Full training can be provided on all elements of the process. Role Working under the Team Leader you will cover all aspects of the laminating and/or the boat building and fitting out processes. Your main duties will be: • make components in accordance with the Company Quality System; • maintain/develop knowledge of composite construction and awareness of which materials to use for different aspects of the structure; • maintain excellent attention to detail; plug/pattern construction, composite component parts and fit out to the highest specifications and any margin of error could result in a substandard product unacceptable to the client; • follow work instructions as detailed on the Work Instruction Sheet; • work within the timeframes of the project and the product, ie wet lay-up components have to be completed by the end of the day; • strict adherence to the Company Health & Safety Policy. It is the responsibility of every individual to identify and report any potential breach of policy; • ensure the work areas are tidy and that all items are put back in the correct workstation or the stores; • ensure all equipment should be used in a safe manner and any slip, trip or fall hazards identified. Tools, equipment and elevated working platforms, forklifts or over-head cranes should not be used without the relevant training; • understand and comply with the Company Quality System which covers; Work Instruction Sheet training and a general understanding of work processes and procedures; • understand the importance of the different elements of the Work Instruction Sheet; trace numbers and job numbers. Materials for each project are non-transferable and therefore the correct trace number and job number should be used at all times; • ensure accurate timesheet recording. Start time and finish time on each job with the allocated job number should be used. Inaccurate recording has a direct impact on client billing and the profitability of the company; • comply with the Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) requirements of the role as per Company Regulations.


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Druh pracovného pomeru

Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok


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