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16. 11. 2018 Work in Estonia

Work in Estonia online job day is all about the opportunity for you to meet the Estonian employers looking for skilled people and talk to EURES advisors about living in Estonia.


20. 11. 2018  New Career in Hungary

Explore the career possibilities in Hungary during the EURES Online Job Fair on the 20th November.The aim of this event is to connect jobseekers from Hungary, the neighbouring or other EU/EEA countries with excellent Hungarian companies looking for qualified staff.

27. 11. 2018 Work in Portugal

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to work in Portugal? 
Looking for your place in the sun? Currently one of the most dynamic economies in Southern Europe, Portugal and its employers are facing severe shortages of professionals, namely within Customer Service, IT, Engineering and Technical occupations. It also has important seasonal recruiting needs within Tourism and Agriculture

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