Softvérový inžinier (ID 11197)

Odvetvie: 62 - Počítačové programovanie, poradenstvo a súvisiace služby

Počet voľných prac. miest: 2
Dátum pridania ponuky: 13.10.2021
Termín nástupu: Ihneď

Krajina: DK - Dánsko
Mesto: Vejle

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Popis pracovného miesta

Embedded Software Developer - for world-leading company within 3D tracking

Excited about creating highly innovative tech solutions?
You are the curious type – creating new inventions is in your blood!
Getting in the “nerdy” mode, solving challenges with a new approach, is what drives you?

You are motivated by actively joining a team that handles all sorts and sizes of tasks. No tasks are too small or too big, some tasks need a lot of innovativeness, some less. Some are extremely complicated, others are straight forward.

On a daily basis, you will be met by customers individual technical challenges, and you want to support them getting the best possible technology solution for their particular problem.

You have a positive attitude and a professional curiosity that challenges known solutions, and creatively joins team problem solving of challenges, often to which no known solutions exist.

You thrive in a dynamic, potentially chaotic, development environment. You are aware of known deadlines, and recognize the benefit of team work and pulling together reaching a common goal. Dedication, commitment and quality awareness is key.

Amfitech is very aware of delivering support for all new employees. Helping each other on a daily basis is deeply founded in the company culture, and so is professional and personal development of each employee. Freedom with responsibility is a natural thing.

Your primary tasks

Together with the rest of the core development team you will:

  • develop embedded software for microcontrollers (often ARM based)
  • implement (advanced) mathematical models for magnetic field tracking on embedded platforms (often ARM based)
  • embedded digital signal processing, filter design, etc.
  • develop python and C# tools to support the embedded development


You hold a bachelor or masters degree in electrical engineering and have at least three years of experience in embedded development on a high professional level. You have a personal interest in being up-to-date in your professional field and have a curious mindset. Being an active DIY using your professional skills solving everyday non-work challenges is an absolute plus. A basic understanding of hardware is needed since many of these tasks are closely tied to hardware.

Using English to communicate with team members and customers as natural to you.

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Pracovný pomer na plný úväzok


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Doplňujúce informácie

Amfitech is a Danish product development company with a strong focus in highly innovative technology development. They love big challenges. Cutting edge, never-before-seen projects on the limit of what’s possible is what motivates them.

Amfitech is a strong partner when extra R&D capacity is needed. Amfitech customers range from large international companies to local entrepreneurs developing first generation prototypes.

Amfitech has the capability to support the complete product development cycle from technology concepts to finished products running high volume production.

Development competencies include hardware, embedded software (firmware), PC/Linux application software, mechanics, prototyping – and more.
Amfitech is a privately held company that has been in business for 20+ years. Amfitech is characterized by the employees and management teams technology passion, which results in a vision to deliver tomorrows technology solutions.

Based on a solid request from Danish and international customers, Amfitech wants to expand the core developer team.

Amfitech seeks an embedded software developer to further strengthen the core developer team, and become the next member of the “Amfitech family” which currently consists of fourteen dedicated tech developers. Cooperatively solving challenging development issues, and having fun doing it, in a low key work environment, is the overall goal in the day to day business.

Amfitech has its head office in the city of Vejle, Denmark, which is where the development team is situated, and from where new employees will work.

Názov spoločnosti/organizácie

Amfitech ApS Vejle

Kontaktná osoba

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EURES poradca: Ing. Ivana Sentpéteryová, [email protected]