Strawberry pickers / Zberači jahôd (ID 8726)

Odvetvie: 1 - Pestovanie plodín a chov zvierat, poľovníctvo a služby s tým súvisiace

Počet voľných prac. miest: 20
Dátum pridania ponuky: 03.03.2020
Termín nástupu: 01.06.2020

Krajina: SE - Švédsko
Mesto: Varberg

Druh pracovného pomeru: Brigáda
Trvanie pracovného pomeru: Sezónna práca
Ponúkaná mzda: 0.00 SEK
Poznámka ku mzde: 3.30 Skr/litre plus holiday allowance. If you work the main season/the last 6 weeks of the season you will get bonus 0.27Skr/litre.
Pozícia vhodná pre absolventa: nie

Popis pracovného miesta

Working hours are usually weekdays between 05.00-10.00 and. 15.00- 18.00. The weather and how much berries there is, can have an impact on the working hours.
If you do some work other than picking strawberries, it will be in Accord, and you will get paid by the hour for that.
Hygiene and rules of order
Before you go home, you clean after yourself (fridge, cabinet, closet etc.). Two days before you leave, you contact Birgit to check the order of the place.
Please be aware that the products you use when harvesting, sorting and packing etc. are food that somebody will eat.
Show consideration for your co-workers, and show respect for the costumers requirement of handle food products. Always keep a high level on your personal hygiene, use showers and washing machines!
Only use work clothes that has not been worn and are dirty from other work; handling chemicals, manure, oil, dust etc.
If you are feeling nausea or have an infection or other disease or injury you are obliged to tell your shift leader and stay home.
After visiting other companies, you are not allowed to go in our fields with the same shoes and clothes as you wore then.
Only designated toilets should be used.
Your hands should always be washed with soap and water before handling products.
Injuries on hands should always be covered with bandage and/or gloves.
Disposable gloves should also be whole and clean. It is important to change to new gloves when the old ones are dirty.
No smoking is allowed while handling products, or while being in a room where we handle products.
Smoking is only allowed on your break, and only on designated areas.
Alcohol is not allowed on the camping if it has an adversely affect on your work, or if it is disturbing the neighbours.
When arriving at work, you have to be totally sober.
Pets are not allowed near products.
Tools should always be cleaned before use, and after it has been used for another purpose.
Boxes that are used for harvest should always be cleaned before use.
Never put the boxes directly at the ground, because then it will be dirty when stacked.
Products that have some birdpoop on it should immediatly be thrown away. If you get poop on your hands/gloves, immediately wash your hands and throw away the gloves.
Never leave a box with products unattended/unprotected. Birds can make it dirty.
Make sure harvested products get moved to a fridge as soon as possible.
Always clean after using the common areas like kitchen, laundry room, toilet etc. If you do not clean after yourself you are not allowed to stay there anymore, and have to fix your own living somewhere else.
The field is in about 1,5km away, and you get there by bike, or an own vehicle.
You are not allowed to work for anyone else than Vareborgs Bärodling if you stay at Vareborg.
You are not allowed to have relatives or friends over, if they are not working for us.
You are not allowed to put up a tent on the camping site.
The garbage from the camping should be put in special containers for paper, metal, glass and food.
Private calls or use of cellphone are not allowed during working hours.
By the end of the season/end of work should bed sheets, bike, tools etc. be returned.
All thefts/shoplifting will be reported to the police, and will lead to losing the job.


English A1
Experience not required

Zamestnávateľ ponúka

At the end of the season you will get your salary, or according to agreement. The salary will be in Swedish crowns. You can get advance on the salary, if needed.
The picking of strawberries is in Accord and you will get paid 3.00 Skr/litre plus holiday allowance.
If you work the main season/the last 6 weeks of the season you will get bonus 0.27Skr/litre.
The calculation would be: 3.30 SEK + 0.27 bonus x 12% = 3.99 SEK / Liter. If you quit before the contract ends you do not get the 0.27Skr/litre.
Holiday allowance is 12% of everything you make = 3.69 SEK / liter
On each salary you pay 25% in taxes.
If you live here with us it costs 35 Skr/night/person. Then you live two and two in a cabin or in a trailer with access to electricity, bed sheets, kitchen, shower, washing machine, drying cabinet, bike, internet etc.
Employee is supposed to take from home comfortable working clothes, rubber boots and if they have rain clothes.

Druh pracovného pomeru



anglický - B1 Samostatný používateľ

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základná škola

Názov spoločnosti/organizácie

Vareborgs Bärodling AB

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